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A blurry picture of Jason Dias, who is actually somewhat blurry in person.

About the Author

Jason Dias is a neurodivergent existential psychologist - that is, an autistic man whose fascination with the human condition led him to an advanced degree in said condition.

His work in speculative fiction is united by literary, existential themes. Rather than publish scholarly works to be read only by scholars who already agree with the author, Jason's early obsession with Asimov, Heinlein, and later Stephen King showed him another way to express philosophical thoughts. Novels and short stories are more accessible than academic journals.

Besides, he's been known to say, "If I have a choice between writing in APA style and being punched in the face, I ask, 'How hard?'"

Central to his existentialist philosophy is the notion that hope is only possible through despair. If we are unwilling to engage with truth and our harder emotions, our hope is merely wishful thinking.

"It doesn't really get better," he says. "But we do."

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